Diamond Dental Free Veterans Day Dental Clinic

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Lion Dr. Ratna Vedullapalli and the Newtown Lions Club Health Committee again offered free basic dental care for veterans, covid-19 essential workers, their families and returning patients from our 2019 free clinic, who lack sufficient dental coverage. Dr V. was supported by her staff and her associate Dr. Wang.

Twenty-five patients were seen this year, a slight increase from 2019. Seventeen were veterans or veteran’s family members (compared with 2 in 2019), 7 were returning patients from 2019, some were Diamond Dental referrals, some were unemployed or low income. Of the 25 patients, 17 were age 60 or older.

Lion Mary Jo Brett supported Dr V. by taking the patient calls, screening, and scheduling and Lion Katherine Simpson provided publicity and administrative support.

Upon graduation from a leading dental school in India, Dr. V provided dental service to the poor and needy in rural India. After over a year of service, Dr. V traveled to the U.S., where she completed her D.D.S. and Advanced Program in Comprehensive and Aesthetic Dentistry from New York University. Now settled in Newton, she continues to serve her community by participating in outreach programs that provide free dental care to the underserved. Her mission is to deliver distinctive patient care according to their unique needs and is passionate about practicing dentistry.

Thank you Drs V and W and all the Diamond Dental staff for your long day of service to those in need!