Get to Know More About Dental Veneers with These Answered FAQs!

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First impression lasts! That is why, for most people, a great and beautiful smile is one way of creating a good impression upon the first meetup with others. Unfortunately, the teeth are not invincible against any sorts of damage and flaws. When teeth are damaged, they won’t be fixed on their own, and you’ll surely need professional intervention. 

For an imperfect and unsightly smile, there are a number of treatments you can avail to help you obtain your most desired results. Out of all dental treatments available, dental veneers are one of the most sought-after dental procedures since it can significantly enhance your smile while also boosting your appearance. 

Moreover, before finally pursuing getting a dental veneer, you may have some questions that need answers on your mind. To help you find the answers you need, we at Diamond Dental have compiled some of the most frequently asked questions about dental veneers. 

dental veneers

How are dental veneers crafted?

Dental veneers are created in a dental laboratory using very thin porcelain. Great attention is paid to the details so that they will look as natural and realistic as the natural teeth. Before making the veneers, an impression of the teeth and model of the mouth for correct sizing and shaping is created. Also, in order to ensure that the veneer’s color is natural and matches the other teeth, a shade guide is used to select the most suitable color. 

How long do veneers usually last?

Since dental veneers are created from a strong, durable material, they can last for many years. They do not require any special care other than regular brushing, flossing, and visiting your dentist. If they are properly cared for, they can even last much longer. 

Is the procedure involved with dental veneers painful?

The procedure involved in installing dental veneers is relatively painless. While the tooth is being prepared, you may experience some sensitivity. For a comfortable and pain-free procedure, you may avail of our sedation dentistry here at Diamond Dental. Our team utilizes considerable skill and experience in giving you the most relaxing and pain-free as possible dental experience. 

What are the most common reasons to have veneers replaced?

Although dental veneers are durable enough and should not break under normal circumstances, there can be situations that need to be considered. Replacing your dental veneers can be necessary when gum recession occurs wherein the roots of your tooth becomes exposed. This is because the integrity of your veneered teeth is compromised. There can be no higher chance of decay, provided that the veneers are properly cared for through regular brushing and flossing. 


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